The Topaz Difference

Balance. It’s at the very core of who we are and what we do. At Topaz Nutraceuticals, we believe that holistic healing should be supported by scientific evidence, demonstrable techniques, and wisdom. Our products represent a perfect synergy of these elements, bringing together ancient Eastern herbal practices with modern, patented processes for extraction and activation.

Balancing East with West

Rooted in ancient practices dating back more than 2,000 years, ancient Eastern herbology is considered a fundamental therapy throughout Asia for many acute and chronic conditions, both physical and emotional. In today’s global culture, Eastern healing and Western medicine techniques are being brought together more and more often, in a yin-yang collaboration for effective healing and restoration. 

Western medicine tends to view the body as a series of individual parts that occasionally weaken, malfunction, or break down and cause disruptions to the whole. When this happens, the focus is on reversing the symptoms in order to bring the affected parts back into proper functioning. Eastern medicine takes a cooperative view, and looks at the body as integrated systems of flow that when out of harmony with each other express specific symptoms. These symptoms indicate where to direct attention and support in order to re-engage the body’s natural tendency for inner balance. 

Each of these traditions has its own unique strengths and advantages. At Topaz Nutraceuticals, we have found that by bringing these strengths together we can create new powerful allies for supporting both health and wellness for all.

About Our Founders

The East-West healing balance is, quite literally, in our founders’ blood. With over a hundred years of combined expertise, this mother and son team are part of a 3-generation family of doctors trained in both Western medicine and Eastern healing techniques. They are also recipients of unique lineages of ancient wisdom from wellness masters around the world. Together, they bring the passion and purpose for healing from these honored sources directly to you.

Dr. Jing-ru Zhou, MD, Founder

Dr. Zhou has studied and practiced medicine as an eminent surgeon, acupuncturist, herbalist, and wellness practitioner in both the United States and China for more than 65 years. Beginning with her Doctorate of Medicine from Harbin Medical College, she went on to earn a degree, on scholarship, from The Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. From here she continued with years of learning from masters of healing Dr. Duzhou Liu and Dr. Dexin Yan. In these environments, Dr. Zhou’s knowledge and experience rapidly grew, enhancing her innate gifts for diagnosing and treating complex conditions. Through her successful clinic in Pasadena, CA, opened in 1990, she now has supported thousands of clients from across the United States through individualized care, while also leading extensive research and development on formulas that support women’s and men’s health, pain management, stress/mental health, fertility, anti-aging, and more.                                              

Dr. Tim Chen, MD, Founder

Like his mother and grandfather, Dr. Chen has studied and practiced both Eastern and Western medicine in Asia, the United States, Europe, and beyond for more than 35 years. In addition to his Doctor of Medicine from Norman Behune University of Medical Sciences, his accomplished surgical experience and clinical practices, he has also managed studies and patient-support in bioresearch centers here and abroad, with a special focus on the effects of ancient herbal therapies. Today, he continues to serve clients in both the US and Asia, as well as utilizing his expertise and wisdom to support the development of new formulas in collaboration with his mother and other research partners. He shares his long-held, trusted professional networks around the world in order to locate and import top-quality herbs for his partners, for Topaz, and for you.